When most people face the death penalty, it is often prescribed to be their last moments in life but some people have been able to stare imminent death in the face and come out unscathed. Often, executions are designed to correct heinous crimes and serve as a detriment to others but not all executions are successful.
1. Alva Campbell
In 1997, Campbell was convicted for the murder of 18 year old Charles Dials in Franklin County. He was sentenced to death on April 10, 1998. His execution was then rescheduled from September 13, 2017 to November 15, 2017. On the day of his execution, executioners were unable to find a vein to administer the lethal drugs. After many unsuccessful tries, the execution was called off and rescheduled to June 5, 2019. Campbell died 3 months before the second execution of natural causes.
2. Wenseslao Moguel
In the year 1915, Wenseslao Moguel(who was one of the Mexican revolutionary army) was sentenced to death(by firing squad) without trial for being a “traitor”. On the day of his execution, he was shot nine(9) times on his body with one last shot to his head at point blank range to ensure death. Wenseslao survived and managed to live for 60 more years.
3. William Duell
On November 24, 1740, 17 year old William, an English lad was hanged for being an accessory to the rape of Sarah Griffin. During his trial, he had suffered from a fever and derulism. He was hung together with 4 others for about 20 minutes after which his seemingly lifeless body was cut down and transported to surgeons hall where it would be anatomized for a medical training college. During the preparation, he began breathing slowly and two hours later, he was fully revived. Duell had no recollection of the trial and execution. It was later decided that he be exiled to North America.
4. John Babacomb Lee
In 1985, Lee was tried and found guilty of the murder of his employer Emma Keyse. He was sentenced to be hanged by the neck. On February 23, 1985, Lee was taken to the gallows where three attempts were made to hang him. All proved to be futile. The trapdoor of the scaffold refused to budge despite being carefully tested by the executioner. The execution was then botched and his sentence commuted to life imprisonment.
5. Romell Broom
Broom was convicted of the murder of 14 year old Tryna Middleton in 1984. His execution was scheduled to hold on September 15, 2009. During the execution, executioners tried to locate a vein through which they could inject the lethal drugs but were unsuccessful. After two hours of unsuccessful attempts, He was then granted a one week reprieve after Which his execution was rescheduled to March 16, 2022. Broom however, died of covid 19 complications on December 28, 2020.
6. Joseph Wood
Another botched case of execution by lethal injection. This time around, the drugs were successfully injected but after two hours, Wood was yet to give up the ghost. The lethal dosage which was administered 15 times contained Midarzolain and hydromorphone. One dose was enough to kill him within 10 minutes but he took on 15 doses for two hours, whilst gasping for air. After 2 hours, he finally breathed his last.
7. Doyle Lee Hamm
Hamm who had developed lymph cancer was first ruled unfit for execution but later, Chief Judge Browder decided that his execution would be carried out. On February 22, 2018, Hamm was taken to the execution chamber where executioners tried unsuccessfully to find a vein to administer the lethal injection. He was stabbed multiple time in the legs, arms and groin and eventually had his bladder punctured by one of the needles. After three hours of excruciating torment, the execution was called off.
8. Joseph Samuel
On September 26, 1803, Samuel was set to executed for robbery and murder. A large crowd gathered to watch the proceedings. During the attempt to hang him, the rope which was made of 5 cords of hemp ( designed to hold up to 1000 pounds) snapped. Samuel dropped to the floor and sprained his ankle. The hangman tried a second time. The noose slipped and Samuel fell to the ground once more. The third attempt proved futile once more as the ropes snapped again. An uproar went up from the crowd and the execution was called off. The governor after carefully inspecting the ropes deemed it a sign from God that Samuel had committed no crime worthy of death and his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.


Attribution: The featured image in this post was gotten from pixabay.


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