The human body has always been full of marvels. Experts have often laid down criteria to distinguish the average human anatomy from that of his superhuman counterparts. Some of such superhuman abilities like incredible flexibility, resistance to pain, cold and heat, unusual dwarfism and gigantism , superhuman strength and many more are usually granted due to abnormalities in certain body parts. Their relative occurrence has been rated from being common ( within a range of 1 out of every 100 persons) and extremely rare (occurring only once in history).
The beginning of Adam Rainer’s tale sounds like a rip off of the MCU character Steve Rogers alias Captain America. Born in 1899 in Gauz, Austria. Just like Rogers, Rainer was a very small and thin youth. When world War 1 broke out, he enlisted in the army just like every patriotic citizen but was turned away due to his small stature. At that time he basically measured 4’8.3” just about two inches below the dwarf cut off point of 4’10”. He was also certified a dwarf during the medical examination. Strangely enough, his hands and feet were abnormally large for his height.
If he wished to become taller, his wish was certainly granted. By 1921, he started experiencing a growth spurt of unprecedented magnitude. Three years later, his feet doubled in size. Within the next decade his height also increased significantly. By 1930 he measured 7’01”.
In 1931, two doctors, Dr. Mandi and Dr. Windhole diagnosed him of an extreme case of acromegaly caused by a tumor growing in his pituitary gland. The condition was also indicated by his thick lips, wide spread teeth and protruding jaw and forehead. His spine had also begun to curve sideways. They suggested conducting a high risk surgery to get rid of the tumor which had obviously been growing for ten years. Months after a successful operation, Rainer’s height remained unchanged. Tragically, his spinal curvature had begun to worsen indicating a slower rate of continuous growth. His health soon began to deteriorate too. His ear soon lost it’s auditory function, his eyesight on one eye was also lost. Eventually, the spinal curvature became so severe that he became bedridden for the rest of his life.
At the age of 51, Adam Rainer passed on to the great beyond at a height of 7’08”. I guess he just grew up too fast for his own comfort. He died a medical marvel and the one and only man in history to be classified as both a dwarf and a giant in his lifetime.



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