On the 5th of December 1999, residents of Maryland witnessed a very gruesome car crash on the Maple Grove highway. Miraculously, one of the victims, Clifford Hoyt managed to crawl out of the wreckage to the road where he later collapsed. An ambulance was called immediately and Clifford was promptly rushed to the hospital. His condition was near fatal and he had entered into a coma. He wasn’t just battling his physical injuries, Clifford was actually experiencing something else traumatic on an entirely different plane of existence.
Late one night, medical staff began hearing screams coming from Clifford’s room. On rushing to the scene, they found Clifford now awake, scarred, scared and hysterical urgently Knocking the wall and looking for a means to escape. They tried restraining him and applied pain relievers to calm him down. Clifford then began to blurt out that he had actually been in hell all these while and had managed to escape. He claimed to be constantly tortured by demonic spirits, his body burning in the constant intense heat of the fire. Everywhere smelled of rotteness and sulfur coupled with the constant wailing of lost souls. At first they thought he was delusional due to the effect of the drugs but later dismissed this as his speech was very coherent and credible. In less than 2 weeks, Clifford recovered fully and was discharged. He refused to partake in any form of counseling on the advice of the doctors and returned home.
A few weeks after his return home, Clifford’s neighbors began complaining to the landlord of Clifford’s constant blaring of loud music at night. After receiving many of such complaints, the landlord decided to pay Clifford a visit. He visited Clifford one night, assuming that he’ll be awake playing the loud music on his keyboard as usual. After receiving no response on knocking, he assumed that Clifford couldn’t hear him over the loud music and opened the door with his master key. What greeted him on opening the door sent shivers down his spine….
The entire room was a mess, more like a pig style with excreta everywhere. Clifford was lying stark naked in his filth, clinging on to a huge block of ice. The landlord decided to contact the police after concluding Clifford had totally gone psycho. He also took photos of the place which he handed over to the police. Clifford claimed to be fully aware of his actions. According to him, the ice was to soothe his body from the blazing heat of hell, the loud music was also to keep the demons away and prevent them from taking him back to that place. His family was forced to commit him into a psychiatrist hospital. Doctors at the mental asylum attributed his behavior to brain damage suffered from the crash. One of the therapist actually noticed the seriousness in his eyes and decided to investigate the truth of his words. According to the therapist, he had ‘crossed his room several times that night and heard nothing at first. Then it actually happened… I felt like a knife had actually been stabbed down my throat to my heart. It was really horrifying, like a mixture of a howl and a shrill laugh, one which no human could have ever made… I then rushed into the room only to see him alone still hugging the stick he had been given earlier. By the time I signed for his transfer, I actually believed that he was telling the truth…’. It was very obvious that Clifford wasn’t the person who emitted such horrifying laughter that night. Still, other therapists were of the opinion that his brain damage had actually affected his psyche. Clifford was later transferred to another mental institution in Maryland but till this day he still believes that the demons are after his soul and that one day, his soul will be taken back there to burn for eternity….


*Attribution : The featured image in this post was gotten from Pixabay.


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