Dorángel Vargas was born on the 14th of May, 1957 to a poor farm couple in Venezuela. His parents worked with the Venezuela liberation forces who patrolled the Jungles along the Colombian border, they believed that Dorangel was possessed by demons, thus prompting him to leave and find his own way. He subsequently became involved in petty crimes ( theft of cattle and chickens) leading to multi arrests. His craving for flesh began in 1995, when he murdered a man(Balthazar Cruz Moreno) and cannibalized his body. Vargas was then arrested and transferred to the Institute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Peribeca. The asylum wasn’t enough to hold him and he soon escaped.
After his escape, he moved to a ranch in the park city of Saint Cristobal. Between November 1998 and January 1999, he spent most of his time hunting down and eating people(men in particular) along the river Bank. His weapons of destruction were a tube-shaped spear which he used to stab his victims and stones for knocking them unconscious. He didn’t kill old people because he believed that their flesh was contaminated, women and children too were off his list as he believed they were too “pure”, and fat people too as he didn’t want too much cholesterol. As for his victims, he skinned them, cut off their hands, heads and feet and prepared the able parts. He buried the flesh around his shack and the bones elsewhere in the park. As he was poor and didn’t have any means of storing the “meat”, it soon got rotten and as such, he regularly had to hunt to sustain himself.
The members of the civil defense on February 12, 1999 discovered the decomposed remains of two ọf his victims. The authorities were promptly contacted, and on further investigation of the area, more corpses were found. At first they assumed that it was either a burial site for victims of a drug cartel or the resting place of victims of occult rituals. They soon discovered that the corpses were actually those of people who went missing between November 1998 and January 1999. Vargas soon became a prime suspect and the investigators decided to search his shack. Their discovery sent chills down their spine. They discovered human flesh which were prepared and stored in Several vessels, three human heads. He was immediately arrested.
After his arrest, he became a media sensation as he was one of the country’s first serial killer cases. Some speculated that he wasn’t the actual murderer but a fall guy for a group of organ smugglers. However, all doubts were quelled when in a press statement, he said; “I used to eat the thighs, not the nose, ears or hands because they were too hard. If I saw a drunkard sleeping, I would kill him with my spear, cut off his head and feel happy. I want to go back there and dig a big hole and bury them. I don’t feel ashamed of anything. They have put me in jail for nothing”. Dorangel’s escapades earned him the nickname ‘El comegente’ meaning ‘people eater’. He was subsequently reviewed by several psychiatrists none of whom could actually decipher whether he was insane or sane. He was eventually diagnosed of paranoid schizophrenia and had psychotic tendencies.
Despite being caught and sentenced to jail, Dorangel’s cannibalistic instincts never left him. In 2016, he and about 40 inmates organized a riot in which three inmates were killed. They were hanged to bleed and Vargas used their flesh to prepare a meal for the other starving inmates.



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