We are said to be created in the image and likeness of an all powerful, supernatural entity, ‘God’. This belief has transcended from many generations past and has been the corner stone of so many religious teachings. Despite this somewhat satisfactory and self-esteem boosting belief, some people think otherwise. As a great economist once said, ‘human wants can never be satisfied’, so is the case in the topic of creation. Some people feel created wrongly or abnormally and actually taunt and blame the Almighty for such misgivings in their gender, shape or disabilities. Some have even gone out of their way to attempt filing a law suit against him… But how would you expect to win a case filed against your creator?
Here’s a list of 5 people who sued God;

  • Pavel Mircea
    Pavel Mircea(40), at the time of the suit was a Romanian prisoner, who was convicted of murder. He filed a lawsuit against God in 2005, identifying the Romanian Orthodox church as God’s representatives .
    He sued God for breach of contract. According to him, he and God had an agreement in which God’s own obligation was to “remove evil from his life, and keep him from the devil”, while his own obligation in the “agreement” was to get baptised. He was quoted as saying “He was supposed to protect me from all evils and instead he gave me to Satan who encouraged me to kill”. He argued that God failed in his own obligation(removing evil from his life), hence the suit for breach of contract.
    His suit was dismissed because the defendant(God) is not an individual nor legal entity, and therefore not subject to the court’s jurisdiction.
  • Betty Penrose
    The lawsuit occurred in May 1969, when Betty Penrose hired an Arizona lawyer, Russell. T. Tansie(whom she was a secretary to), to file a suit against God on her behalf, seeking $100,000 in damages. She sued God for “negligence”, for allowing a lightning bolt to strike her house. According to some sources, she won the case by default, “when God failed to turn up in court”.
    Some other sources say her case was dismissed.
  • Ernie Chambers
    In 2008, a senator in the U.S state of Nebraska filed a suit against God. He argued that God had caused “widespread death, destruction, and terrorization of millions of the earth’s inhabitants”. His case was dismissed because God could not be properly notified.
  • Thakur Chandan Kumar Singh
    Chandan Kumar Singh, a lawyer from Bihar, India filed a suit against Hindu God, Rama for banishing his(Rama’s) wife, Sita to a lifelong exile for an occurrence “that wasn’t her fault”. “Lord Rama did not think for a single moment how a woman could live alone with wild animals in the forest”, he said.
    The court dismissed his case, referring to it as “impractical”.
  • David Shoshan
    In 2016, an Israeli man, David Shoshan petitioned for a restraining order against God at Haifa court in Israel, claiming that God had been particularly unkind to him. According to him, God had treated him “harshly, and not nicely”, and never allowed him to be happy. He also stated that he had contacted the police several times about the situation.
    His request was denied, with the court stating that the petition was “delusional” and that the petitioner required help from measures outside the court.
  • *Attribution: The featured image in this post was gotten from Pixabay*.


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