“Blood is thicker than water” they say. The story of these amazing twins is a clear depiction of that saying.
The Jim Twins, James Springer and James Lewis(both identical), were separated at birth and put up for adoption. Coincidentally, they were both named ‘James’ and even called ‘Jim’ for short by their foster parents. This was just the beginning.
James Springer was adopted just 3 weeks after his birth in 1940. His brother, also adopted the same year lived less than 45 miles away. The two brothers never saw or talked to each other.
The foster mothers of both boys knew that their sons were twins although Springer’s foster mother had thought his twin was dead. After Lewis’ foster mother hinted that his twin was also named James, Lewis decided to go in search of his twin.
He called the probate court, crosschecked his adoption records and got the Springer’s family telephone number. He then called the family and organized a meeting with his twin brother. Four days later, both brothers met in person for the first time in 39 years. They discovered that their lives were more or less a mirror of each others’. Both suffered from tension headaches and had the habit of nail biting. They both had dogs named Toy, both got married twice, their first and second wives beared the same name(Linda and Betty), both smoked the same brand of cigarettes and often had their vacation on the same beach. Their case was also subject to study by researchers at the University of Minnesota, as part of a research to discover if separation had any role in the nature vs nurture debate. Their lifestyles had been very similar although one of the twins later divorced his own Betty and remarried another woman named Sandy with his brother as his best man.



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