Luke Ruehlman was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to Erica and Nick Ruehlman. At a very young age, Luke was strangely concerned about things like safety at home, drinks that were too hot or cold and even crossing the road. These were things that most two year olds cared less about. Much more disturbingly, he kept mentioning the name ‘Pam’ and often made certain comments such as “I used to have hair like that or I had earrings like that”. When his parents finally tried asking him where he got such ideas from, the answer he gave them was really shocking.
According to his mother, she had asked “who is Pam?” He turned to her and said: “well, I used to be, but I died and went up to heaven and I saw God , and eventually God pushed me back down. When I woke up, I was a baby and you named me Luke”.
This stunning revelation shocked his parents because they were atheists and Luke had not been raised religiously. So where was he getting all these from?
To further confirm his claims, his parents asked him more about his past life. He replied stating, “my mom and I had a close relationship. She raised me as a single parent until I was 6 years old and she remarried”. They then asked him how he died, He replied stating, “I died in a fire. I used to live in Chicago. I walked a lot and caught trains”. He also added, “I was a black woman”.
His mother did some extensive research on the info he gave them and discovered that there had been a fire at a well known hotel located in a predominantly black neighborhood and a woman named ‘Pam Robinson’ was among the casualties. Still not totally convinced, Luke’s parents decided to test him. They obtained a picture of Pam Robinson, mixed it with other female photos and asked Luke to identify his past life among the photos. Luke immediately selected Pam’s photo without any difficulty. This incident proved to his parents that truly, Luke was Pam reborn.
Just like most reincarnation stories, as Luke grew older, the memories of his “past life” started leaving until he was left with nothing to remember.
This has not been the first case of reincarnation though. A young girl had also been reported to have retained memories of her past life on another continent. She could remember accurately her past life’s husband, relatives and children including events that led to her death. Another is the case of an archeologist who believes she lived over 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt. She too could accurately remember places where monuments that were built during that time stood and events that took place in the kings’ court. Research has been ongoing on the phenomena of reincarnation with hundreds of cases recorded all around the world. This leaves us to the questions;
Is life after death possible?
Where do we go after death, to heaven or hell, or are our souls just recycled back to earth?


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