In ancient times, many miracles and wonders were performed by men of God. Such were mainly to prove the awesome might of the Creator of the Universe. Some new age believers and fanatics have tried to recreate these miracles with little success. One of such was Prophet Daniel Abodunrin.
The zoological garden in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria is home to a wide array of exotic wildlife which has attracted lots of visitors. In 1991, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin visited the zoo. He didn’t come to see the animals like everyone else, rather he came to showcase the power of his religion. His namesake, thousands of years ago had been thrown into a den of lions and came out with barely a scratch, he decided to recreate this scenario. Needless to say, he didn’t think this one through and it was obviously a dumb idea for a few reasons.
First of all, the biblical Daniel was under persecution while the Nigerian version was just trying to show off. Secondly, the biblical Daniel was actually thrown in by his enemies while the Nigerian version threw himself in. It can also be termed as an unconscious suicide attempt.
On that fateful day, prophet Abodunrin, dressed in his usual red robe and armed with a Bible in his right hand, begged the zoo keeper to admit him into the lions’ cage so that he can showcase the might of the Living God. They refused to do so. After much pleas which fell on deaf ears, he then sneaked into the cage. As he approached the area meant for the lions, people outside, bewildered and alarmed tried to talk him out of it but he marched on, reciting Bible verses, speaking in tongues and calling on the ‘God of Daniel’ to perform signs and wonders.
As expected, the lions first of all retreated more due to surprise at the bold human who dared trespass on their territory. Seeing this as the work of God, he continued going closer till he came too close for comfort. The big cats(now provoked) did not hesitate to pounce on him. He tried to flee, throwing away his arsenal ( the Bible) but they were no sooner on him that they Tore him to bits. Many people condemned his crazy stunt but some of his followers supported him, stating that the lions were possessed by demons and as such needed to be slaughtered. His story is a lesson for all fanatics, God does not perform miracles just to show-off. He does what he wants to do when he deems it fit for it to be done.


Attribution: The featured image in this post was gotten from Pixabay.



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